Embodied Woman

Women live a life of cycles. We need to stay embodied as we ride the changes. We can envisage our lives in three stages as represented by the triple goddess and illustrated by the phases of the moon

The Maiden is represented by the new waxing moon. She embodies purity, youth, creation, pleasure, naivety and new beginnings and new life, enchantment and expansion

The full moon represents the Mother. She may or may not have children. She embodies love, fertility, nourishment, self-care, ripeness, responsibility, protection, compassion, patience, power and potency.

I am told this phase is the most liberating: the Crone. She is represented by the waning moon and embodies fulfilment, maturity, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, culmination and endings

During our life of cycles and changes, we experience a monthly pattern of internal journeys that last from puberty to menopause. Some women tell me that after the menopause they retain a sense of cycle.

Yoga and bodywork can be supportive throughout our lives. I suggest that we need to challenge ourselves to find the edge between empowerment and manipulation; gentleness and docility; fitness and curves; strength and flexibility.

When women come to me for therapies or a yoga practice, it is often to patch them up so they can continue to juggle their lives and complete the list of things they feel they are responsible to achieve. What if your bodywork session and your yoga practice celebrated feminine grace and softness? What would happen if you allowed yourself to stop, to be listened to, to listen to your body, to just be a woman? To let go of expectation. To stop pushing yourself into exhaustion so you have time and energy to laugh, live and love. Welcome to embodied woman

I’m really interested in your stories and will be asking you about them via the blog and facebook page. In the meantime, book in for yoga classes, individual yoga lessons and/or bodywork via embodied health

  • Photos from Pexels.com
    • Mother by Max Ravier
    • Maiden and Crone by luizclas