Resting the nervous system, begins with the breath

If you don’t have a regular yoga practice, you can start with this simple breathing practice: breathe in for a count of four and breathe out for a count of six, breathe through the nose with the lips closed and jaw relaxed. Try to just be for three minutes, counting each part of the breath and minimising the pauses

If you have a regular yoga practice try working with an inhale of four and exhale of six as you practice asana and pranayama. Allow the inhale to explore the body and open the space and allow the exhale to release restriction and connect to the ground

Whether you practice the movement of yoga or meditate everyday, once a week or once a year, consider taking at least three minutes to be mindful of your breath on a regular basis. The more you practice the shorter the time required to feel you are resting your nervous system. The muscles will release and you will be less likely to continue holding on to physical stress. This will allow the mind to rest too

You can work this into your day: while you’re boiling the kettle, waiting for the bus, in the shower, in the bath or in the room you’ve just walked into and can’t remember what you walked in there for …

Let me know how it goes

Published by Yvonne Cattermole

bodyworker and yoga teacher, mother and friend

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