cycles: winter solstice

Thanks for joining me on embodied woman, lovely to know you are there. The last few weeks in England have been wearisome with the pandemic seeming to get a new lease of life and needing to find our own way to support one another. I will be relieved to arrive at the winter solstice tomorrow. This is a time to grieve loss and remember the past year. A time to set intentions for the year to come. We can stand still with the sun, pause with gratitude and be grounded.

The yew tree is a symbol of the winter solstice. A tree that is said to be eternal; a place where ancestors were laid to rest so that their wisdom and knowledge was available to those who sought guidance and reassurance

I am will be recording a rough cut yoga practice for anyone to use. It’s function is to calm the nervous system and to allow time for the body to say what it needs and the mind to listen. It is a practice I use when I am feeling overwhelmed and tired, particularly if my sleep has been disturbed. You do not need to be particularly fit or have special equipment. You just need to be able to breathe.

The video will be a rough cut because I record practices once. There’s no editing or polishing. I don’t do perfection! Will post it in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, take a moment to feel the solstice tomorrow (1002 UTC/GMT) and allow yourself to acknowledge and honour the year that has been and to welcome and set your intentions for the year ahead. Sit with the breath and feel the sun stand still

Yvonne x

Published by Yvonne Cattermole

bodyworker and yoga teacher, mother and friend

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