In Person Therapies

Lockdown ends at 12.01 am Wednesday 2 December. I am offering in-person appointments from 7 to 22 December. Please do book in if you would like an appointment before Christmas. If you are booked in but feel uncomfortable about meeting up, just let me know. We all need to do what is right for usContinue reading “In Person Therapies”

Coffee Pot Philosophy

I set up this space to meet students and clients who want to talk about yoga practice and its impact on our lives. I wonder if it could be a good place to start meeting with women who are perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal? I am finding yoga and the yoga sutras incredibly supportive andContinue reading “Coffee Pot Philosophy”

Resting the nervous system, begins with the breath

If you don’t have a regular yoga practice, you can start with this simple breathing practice: breathe in for a count of four and breathe out for a count of six, breathe through the nose with the lips closed and jaw relaxed. Try to just be for three minutes, counting each part of the breathContinue reading “Resting the nervous system, begins with the breath”

Menopause Jangle

I have been reading, researching and reflecting on the different phases we experience as women as well as considering different parts of the Yoga Sutras in relation to pregnancy and childbirth. What has struck me is how relevant these ideas are to any change in our lives. I am more sensitive to changes as aContinue reading “Menopause Jangle”

Menopause: yoga practice (no.1)

I’ve been looking at different ways yoga is discussed in relationship to menopause and also looking at ideas about the menopause itself (I’ve listed my readings/listenings at the end of the blog). I’m ashamed to admit how little I knew about something that I am having a personal experience of. For some this experience isContinue reading “Menopause: yoga practice (no.1)”