Yoga: An evening breathing space

A new online class will be available on Monday evenings, starting next week at 8.30 pm UTC. This is appropriate for everyone. If you are pregnant please have a chair available and some extra cushions. Thirty minutes of restorative postures with awareness of breath finishing with a reflective space. For more information follow the link:Continue reading “Yoga: An evening breathing space”

In Person Therapy during Lockdown #3

During Lockdown #3, I am able to practice on a one-to-one basis with clients but only for an identified mental or physical health condition or injury that is causing pain or having an adverse impact on mobility or quality of life. However, the current situation is serious and worrying. To agree that an appointment is necessary, the benefitsContinue reading “In Person Therapy during Lockdown #3”

In Person Therapies

Lockdown ends at 12.01 am Wednesday 2 December. I am offering in-person appointments from 7 to 22 December. Please do book in if you would like an appointment before Christmas. If you are booked in but feel uncomfortable about meeting up, just let me know. We all need to do what is right for usContinue reading “In Person Therapies”

Resting the nervous system, begins with the breath

If you don’t have a regular yoga practice, you can start with this simple breathing practice: breathe in for a count of four and breathe out for a count of six, breathe through the nose with the lips closed and jaw relaxed. Try to just be for three minutes, counting each part of the breathContinue reading “Resting the nervous system, begins with the breath”